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kindness- giveaway

Autumn is such a special time of year. Walks in nature inspire so much with all the brilliant display of foliage. Last year, I created this illustration for a lovely family. They ended up using another illustration which was more holiday than this one but I love the Fall and the casualness of just spending time in nature together. It was such a gift for me to create such a special work of art for this family. All I can say is they exude kindness which I tried my best to capture.
This sweet dog, Ella was another act of kindness to me that I illustrated and had notes printed for Joan over at For the love of a house. What a sweet soul.

As the seasons come and go, I focus on living in the present and feel incredibly blessed to have a gift for art and the ability to use my eyes, my hands and my heart. After reading “Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change”- I am reminded that kindness and care is a commitment which is requires keeping our hearts and minds open and to nurturing kindness and compassion.

Be fully present.
Feel your heart.
And engage the next moment without an agenda.

Today, I would love to share my gift of a one custom work with one of you. Consider it a random act of kindness. Pass it forward. Do something kind and see how it causes your heart to be open and abundant. Leave a comment about your last act of kindness. How did it make you feel?

*Winner shall be announced in friday’s post.

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