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My studio door is open and I feel so incredibly proud to share my work and my journey with each of you near and far. I have learned so much from every visitor. There always seems to be an overwhelming desire from so many that want to paint or desire to create. That in itself inspires me to encourage others to take the leap of faith to just start. There is no judgement, just self doubt or lack of setting aside the time and place to begin to design time for artful living.

A young boy came to my studio and told me he is going to be a part of the tour one day. That made my day. He was taking photos and I could feel his enthusiasm for art and his passion for expressing himself.

There are a list of things that I want to do, need to do and have to do but during the time that my studio door is open, I find that time stops still and it gives me a chance to reflect and embrace the exchange with visitors who are out seeking a bit of adventure in a life full of everyday duties. Yes, for me – my artwork provides an escape from the mundane and an imaginary world of playing with color, paint and tools that provide me to a link to another side of my desire to design, create and inspire an artful life. I am here and so willing to share my journey in order to help you feel the joy of art. Allow time in your life for creativity. Be open and inspired from the River Arts Studio tour 2014.

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