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Trick or Treat

Do you ever stop to empty the inside of your tote, bag or briefcase?  It is truly amazing when we stop and carefully remove each item, that we assess what we need to keep or toss or perhaps embrace as a lost toy.  Remembering back to Halloween as a child and returning home to dump out my haul and realize that it was more treats than my Mother would have ever bought in one lifetime.  Her brother was in fact our Dentist, Dr.Bob and I take great pride in never having a cavity until I was in my fifties.

Dump out the contents and write down what you really need in your bag of tricks.  Perhaps like items or collections can be housed in zip bags or cases such as your cosmetics or cords.  How often do you take time to look at what you are carrying around?

As Halloween approaches, think about what sort of Tricks or Treats are weighing you down or truly adding sweetness to your day.

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