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No in November

Happy November!  This is a reminder that there is a “no” in November.  Let me explain.  I am working towards winding down artwork orders by the middle of this month so I can prepare for a Thanksgiving feast and welcome home family and guests visiting from afar. In years past, I would accept work up until the final Christmas Countdown but now I am not and it feels really good.  I would suffer because of saying Yes.  Now I am saying No to sabotaging my own health and joy.  In years past, clients, family, friends would place demands on me because they were trying to slip in last minute orders and I would of course take it on as a sort of herculean people pleasing task and then grumble to my own self as to why?  None of you do that, right?

I am in the midst of Pilates Teacher Training and I love it.  Funny how self care can show us what is truly important in life and align our own health priorities more clearly.  Learn to say the word “No” if someone is pushing you towards a yes that might not feel right or work for you.  November is a time to give thanks and to count our blessings.  Say no to doing more and yes to doing less and finding more joy.

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