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Imagine is one of my words for the year.  In order to imagine, we must first visualize.  Perhaps you have a vivid imagination or know someone around you who is gifted in telling stories or even perhaps able to see the future but really all one needs is to gather some images together or write down a few hopes and dreams and trust me that the rest will follow. Are you beginning to see a pattern of those that possess the gift of imagination?

What are you imagining for this year?  Have you created a “Mood Board” or “Imagination Board” as your compass for this year?  I would love to share your boards with  my fellow readers.  Please feel free to send me an image or two and let’s all join hands, hearts and minds and Imagine this year as a gift.  E-mail your image to me at

Let’s inspire one another to Imagine with open hearts.  Just think what a more beautiful world and life you can create!


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