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Sharing with each of you today, “The Insider” which is makes an extraordinary clutch and fits snugly inside the “Maddison May” Cross body bag from India Hicks. I love how streamlined it is and fits just what I need. Sorry that I did not post since last friday as I was away and have also been dealing with some “anxiety” issues with one of my children. It’s good to share as I know that we can all collectively learn from one another. While life may not be as tidy as the contents of one’s clutch, with the right help and accessories or tools, we can suddenly feel more in control. Have you ever had to deal with anxiety or depression? I would love to know!

The Eddie Ross, “Modern Mix” book goes to Libby! Please contact me Libby so I can pop this fantastic book in the mail to you!
Thanks to The Entertaining House who has featured me on Bettie Pardee’s blog, Living Newport.

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