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Vidhya Paisley

Vidhya Paisley

Hi! My name is Vidhya, and I’m a senior at Ardsley High School! Before I graduate (and move to the University of Pittsburgh in the fall) in a couple of weeks, I have had the pleasure of doing my senior externship with Patricia of PvE Design.

Working for Patricia for the past few weeks has been amazing! Coming from someone that has no real background in art, I’ve enjoyed every second.  In the past couple of weeks, I’ve learned about many new artists, my favorite probably being Clym Evernden, a British fashion illustrator whose quick, fluid ink strokes make the picture pop out of the page. One of the most valuable things I’ve learned while working with Patricia is that social media is a powerful tool. In today’s digital age, social media fuels everything. It’s important to keep up with your social media pages (facebook, instagram, etc) because you never know which post will be the one to garner attention and build traffic.

Also, during the past few weeks, I’ve been able gain important work/organization tips that help Patricia in her everyday schedule. For example, she shared an on-line “Kick Ass Time Management” webinar by Patty Lennon. One of the tips  benefitted from is to work in 90 minute time chunks followed by 20 minute breaks which will give your brain enough time to really focus on one task or a bundling of like tasks and get it done, while also letting it relax for a little so that you can eventually move onto the next task. And, a major rule, DONT underestimate the time it takes to do everything, in fact it might even be better to OVERestimate the time it takes to complete tasks!

During my free time, I have been working on my own art, as you can see above.  I’ve always been drawn to bright, bold colors and I guess the paisley print just came out because that’s always been my go to doodle when I’m bored (not to mention, those days when I’m doing nothing in class!). We are going to use the sketch to make note cards, which I am really excited about because I think it just represents me and it will be fun to give people something very special and unique!  How do you like my paisley?  I would love hearing from you!

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