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cat scan

Yesterday, I had a test to take. No silly, not the kind of test that required any studying nor a costume, but one that did require me to drink up some not so good tasting banana flavored liquid barium. In the past week, I have had three tests and now must wait for the results. To tell you that I am not scaredy cat, well, I would be lying. Normally, I am a very private person and prefer to keep it that way but this post is a reminder to those of you that need to schedule those pesky check-ups and annual physicals.

I have been focusing lots of time and energy on giving myself some much needed attention.  I think as Mom’s, many of us can relate to putting all our energies on our kids, our homes and our families.  Well, stop.  Take time to focus on your health, get out, exercise, eat right and take time to look in the mirror and get yourself in shape.  Do it for you or for Gotham City.  Whatever, do it.  This includes Dad’s and you men who are reading.

Get to your local track, walk.  Take a class, join a gym or form a group to get healthy. Start to introduce more fresh fruits and vegetables where you can, organic if you can find it and afford it.  Drink water, stay hydrated.  Breathe.  I keep telling myself, to keep cool and carry on.

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