Artful Living


 How often do you take the time to give yourself a little praise?  
Do you keep a journal to track your progress or check your goals and achievements.  Perhaps you have some sort of “trophy” or “award” to remind you of your talents.  Is it proudly displayed on your desk?  Joan Fontaine above sits at her desk keeping her home affairs in order.  
I love how her Oscar is standing right there.
What a great incentive to keep working.

My dear husband has what he calls “tombstones” in his office awarded after a deal is done.
pve design artwork for all the best blog
Some people award themselves certain purchases or treats for a job well done.
Perhaps an author’s book being published or when the contract is signed.
Perhaps a Mother saving and awarding the family with an ice cream treat or field trip somewhere full of adventure.
During the business with intention workshop, I had an “aha” moment.
Here I am working away and pushing myself to keep going without taking time to give myself any sort of praise or award to mark a milestone.
I am planning and scheming some sort of praise in the form of a celebration.
If you work from home or on your own, how do you reward yourself with a so called trophy or little accolade?

A Mother’s work (and an artist’s work) is never done.
We work tirelessly for our families so this is a reminder to give yourself a pat on the back.
I am cheering you on with praise.

Do share what sort of accolades or incentives you might award yourself when a deal is done?