Artful Living


At last, inspiration in a can, guaranteed 100% effective against procrastination, indecision and dormancy. Now how nice would that be to just pop open a can of inspiration for positive results.

How thrilled am I to know that since my blog journey began that I have in some way been a source to inspire others on a path to create or design their very own dream into a reality.
Two summers ago while in Chicago on business, a blog reader invited me to lunch and she shared her passion for wanting to start a business that would allow her to design and create a more artful life while raising her family. She held a position that was flexible, but longed for something more creative. How thrilled was I to speak to her and know that perhaps I helped to inspire her (and her partners) to launch Inspire HG. You can order from them at their etsy site or attend their upcoming show in Western Springs, IL. (see site for details)
I would Love to know if my blog may have given you a push to design, create or inspire a more artful life . Leave a comment or contact me if you have a story to share. I would be happy to share your story with others. A “can-do” attitude is inspirational not only to me but to so many readers.
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