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it takes two

Never did I ever imagine that I would host these terrific two last Sunday here in my home for an afternoon lunch. My ten year old daughter asked if Valerie and Alberto would mind to tango. Before we knew it, they were up and dancing away. It was a beautiful site to behold. I am especially in awe since Alberto had some pretty “big” surgery not too long ago. We know it takes two to tango through recovery to get back up on the dance floor of life.

Val had e-mailed me to let me know she would be in town, so we had the date set for weeks. I served a salade nicoise buffet style so my guests would be able to compose the salad according to their wishes. (I did forget the anchovies, oops!) My dear friend Kwana who happens to conveniently live down the lane was able to join in and I have the feeling that she and her delightlful husband were just as inspired as I to take tango lessons.
One of the most wonderful aspects of blogging is the community and the connections we make along the way. During our lunch, we watched the most wonderful summer rain pour down as if the skies were a bucket list all being turned upside down. I would like to thank my husband for opening his heart to my joy of blogging and to be a gracious host to my blog friends. Well, we both know it takes two to tango the incredible dance of life.
Open your hearts to the world of blogging and to connecting with others who have inspired you. If there is someone who inspires you, let them know by meeting for lunch or hosting a meeting. I know many of you probably might shy away from this sort of thing, but really, you will be glad you made the effort to connect.