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a daybook

PvE Design-Park Ave notebooks -photo
I have always carried a notebook or a daybook as I love to refer to it. A thought or a “to do” can be captured or even a doodle and it’s handy to have on hand. Yes, I have my list on my phone but there is something pure and just the gesture to an old fashioned daybook makes me supremely happy.

This week, I have been convalescing and recuperating from a bad cold. Let me just say, that I have been loading up on Vitamin C and lots of tea, home made soups and rest. Images of Spring time seem to automatically make me feel better and not beating myself up for projects that are waiting on me. A dear friend told me that “It’s good to have something to fight!” So, I shall continue the fight to good health and in the meantime, I am adding these Park Avenue Tulip daybooks to my Etsy shop. The cover is very thick stock and there are lots of fresh blank pages for you inside, waiting for you.

Happy last friday of February 2016! Oh, and a huge thanks to each of you who took advantage of the great Beetlemania Sale at my India Hicks site. I feel incredibly proud to be apart of such an amazing opportunity that has connected me to so many amazing people and a beautiful brand that adds so much to my day.