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for the present

PvE-JMcL Holiday wrap878
I already gave myself an early present which required no fancy wrapping but merely my time and commitment to show up on time for a series of work-outs. My intention is to take better care of myself during one of the most draining months, which is December. In doing so, I have realized that I totally need to be “present” and to “quiet” my mind. When one is exercising or doing a series of repetitive movements, one really cannot think about the “to do” list. If you were to give yourself a Christmas present, what would it be? Think about something that would change or improve your life for the present moment? How would it be wrapped and what would it look like?

Are you living for the present or are you postponing the joy of giving yourself a transformative moment? What are your goals in order to find the joy or spirit of the holidays?

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