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every energy

Lately, I find myself incredibly sensitive to everything and everyone around me.
Everyone seems either too overwhelmed or unhappy and just too openly emotionally.
I find that my every energy is easily drained by other’s inability to commit or to respond with a simple answer.
I have been told that “I’m too sensitive” and I know that I am but what it all boils down to is that when others around me “drain” me of my energy, I retreat into a zone of things that I can control in order to replenish my batteries. Just wanted to share that we have every right as individuals to say, No or to be honest and open with others. Do what it takes to fill your energy level. Just a few things that work for me are;
1. De-Clutter
2. Clean
3. Take one thing away
4. Eat less
5. Drink more water
6. Take a walk outide
7. Create something
8. Spend time with a child
9. Help someone
10. Solve a problem
11. Take a class
12. Find a “just right” place and of there
13. Time alone is restorative
14. Listen and accept praise
15. Seek a fresh perspective
16. Please yourself first
17. Play
18. Go supply shopping
19. Keep a journal
20. Focus on you
It’s the weekend and a time to re-charge and to rest.
Every energy needs to be honored and felt. Allow yourself to be sensitive.

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