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sea shells

sea shells

vintage sea shell boxes

As an artist, inspiration is very much like that of a gift. Very often it is not something we can dig for but merely allow it to find us, like shells on the beach.  I simply adore these vintage Majolica boxes from  Billys Bungalow.



My eldest sister recently sent to me a treasured book, “Gift From The Sea.” Although I have read it more than once, it was a welcome read again. Sharing with sisters and women as we all assess the value of life each day and try to find meaning. One of my sons often pulled this book off the shelf in first grade lured by the shapes of the shells on the cover. Indeed every gift from the sea should find each of us full of wonder and awe.








Anne Morrow Lindberg so beautifully puts into words how the shells become symbols for the various aspects of life, which we women contemplate. It is not that she excludes men, however she searches for the solitude and company of women from a time and place where to gain clarity and grace from the drudgery of running a household in the 1950’s. It is with radiant lucidity she makes visible the value of life and regard for allowing the sea to teach us patience, patience, patience offering up treasures. My very own Mother tells me stories so vividly of the “Lindbergh kidnapping” as if it were just yesterday.


What beaches will you explore this Summer and what will the “Gift from the Sea” teach you?  Happy Summer. ( Illustration created by my High School Senior Intern, Shanna.)

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