Artful Living

be doers

Certainly you have attended an event with the movers and shakers and the doers of the world, have you not?
Are you a doer?  
My sister told me last month when I shared all I had going on in my world and she said, “I am not surprised, you are a doer of the world.”

 I remember years ago being so inspired by another artist and friend whose work is prolific, I made a remark to her, “How do you create all this?”  She replied, “This is what I do.” I shall never forget those words.

So, if you happen to be here for the first time, this is what I do and have done.
I illustrate storefronts.

I create personalized monograms.

I absolutely adore spaces, interiors as well as exteriors.

 I lost track of how many homes I have illustrated for clients and friends.

 Don’t even get me started on my love for capturing canines.  If you own a pet, then you know all about the things we do for our creatures and the unconditional love they bequeath.

I do love the color green too.

 I do love Park Avenue in New York, especially in the Springtime when the esplanade is all in bloom.

 I also do oils and want to do more oils because they slow me down.
Many of my works are created to be used for custom notecards.  
I do love to write notes, send letters.
Well, like I said, I guess this sums up a bit of what I do, what I create as an artist.
This year, I look forward to doing more, more artwork, more inspiration and more design.
Tell me, are you a doer, what do you do?