Artful Living

jaunty plume

 I had the pleasure of creating these illustrations for a fine lady with a jaunty plume.
Please welcome Pound Ridge Plume.
In the early evening, she carefully crafted and hosted readings from her salon with raspberry red walls.
The next day she took a moment to admire her secretary and personal affects.
The window was open and the birds were chirping quite a cacophony which she found one part pleasant and the other annoying.
She closed the window to listen to her own thoughts and rearranged the objects while she tidied up.
She knew that it was time to write and to work.
The words poured out from her fingers onto the screen.
Then she decided after several hours had lapsed from staring at the screen of her lap top to call it a day.
She knew that it was time to prepare a meal for her family and to give thanks for another splendid day.
Her jaunty plume would anxiously await her return.