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c’est si bon – giveaway

hello, i am kristen brett mills.
i am the girl behind the blog c’est si bon.

when sweet patricia asked me to guest blog,

patricia is a lady of kindness. generosity. and warmth.

i feel honored to call her a friend of mine.

i live everyday with a common goal.

i strive to find the simple joys & beauty inevery day.

whether it is the warmth that comes from your morning coffee.
or the thrill that comes from driving with thewindows down.
the sound of a familiar voice. the scent of freshcleaned laundry.
all of these little pleasures all too easily becomeordinary.
when in reality,
it is these little pleasures that make our life
so overwhelmingly swell.
in my attempt to make every day lovelier than theday before,
sometimes i tend to over-indulge myself. there. iadmit it. i do.
i over indulge myself. but i like it that way.
like tonight, I over-indulged myself in
heaping handfuls of dark chocolate chips.
and yesterday, i indulged in an extra large dietcoke,
passing up on my usual medium.
just because i wanted to.
the day before that.
treated myself to an afternoon of doing absolutelynothing.
sitting out in my backyard, laying on a blanket,sipping on lemon water.
mind you, i had a laundry list of things to getdone.
so, you see.
my little daily pleasures are so very simple.
but they are so terribly enjoyable.
and that makes me happy.
completely & blissfully happy.
the hopeful girl in me wants to believe that all ofyou
also treat yourself to the simplest of pleasuresthat life has to offer.
{i certainly cannot be the only over-indulger}
and i am making it my mission to ensure that youdo.
c’est si bon has a simple, yet ultra luxe,
giveaway to present to one lucky pve reader.
allow me to share with you one of my fave simplepleasures,
modern. romantic. luxury.
lollia. no 19.
one lucky reader will win
 hand cream. shower gel.& hand soap.
by the lovely lollia.
no 19. peony & white lilly.
this lollia hand cream is sublimely decadent.
scents of peony & white lilly will linger withyou all day long.
a simple pleasure that is sure to bring happinessto you.
almost too pretty to unwrap, but oh so lovely &soothing.
shea butter based hand soap to keep your handsmoisturized and clean.
that is definitely something to be happy about.
 the no 19 shower gel is the perfect way tostart your morning.
the bubbly lather will awaken your senses &bring sweetness to your day.
this is a giveaway that you do not want to miss.
to enter in this contest simply follow thefollowing steps.
“like” the c’est si bon facebook page.
leave a comment on the facebook page sharing oneway you
celebrate simple pleasures in your days.
or, if you do not have facebook,
leave a comment on c’est si bon just to sayhello.
the winner will be announced on friday, april 13th.
good luck to you all.
thank you for having me, sweet patricia.
it was such a treat.