Artful Living


Just last night as my daughter was doing her homework, she quipped – “I mean what is the point of all this homework because it just gets tossed in the trash later!”  As any good Mother would reply, “Why dear, it is elementary!”  All apart of learning, just like exercise, we have to go through the repetition to learn or to benefit from the homework.

A dear friend asked when I had the most “homework” and I had to stop and think.   What she really meant was when I am the busiest with commissions.  I have never done an official study because it seems that I always have a steady stream of “homework” or artwork to be done.  I guess one is never too old to learn or to do one’s homework.  The above artwork of this home was sent last week to a client to give as a gift.

Thank-you to each of you for supplying me with more homework for which I shall never complain.
I am grateful for more work and with each and every work, I continue to learn and to grow as an artist.