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green light

When was the last time you gave yourself a green light to go.  A green light to symbol a forward move on a project, a trip, or a special permission to go and do something beautiful for you or a friend.

How many times have your thoughts been left in that bin titled procrastinators?  Did you ever think that your actions are all about that green light in your head.   Is there something or someone that needs your attention?  Take this post as a “green light” to go.  Start something you want, create, design or inspire your life by taking action, by letting your thoughts matter.

Thanks to Jennifer at Pink Pagoda for including me in her post here and also to Kristen at C’est si bon for sharing such an enthusiastic post here.  Pop over as there and leave a comment, there is a special “pve design” give-away going on.  Green light says go!