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dreamy friday

 Imagine yourself waking up from a dream and landing here, rested and refreshed.  Imagine that everything you do today revolves around shades of white, bone, pale gray and golden accents.
 You saunter over to your dressing table and apply a fresh face before you prepare a healthy breakfast.
 Piping hot oatmeal, fresh fruit and some roasted coffee.
 What a pretty kitchen.  Light, airy and clean.
 Your mind wanders to wishes and place settings for Thanksgiving and gathering with those you cherish.
 Then you think that a place setting needs to be there for the one’s that cannot be with you.

 Mother Nature cards from Austin Press are used for each guest to write a Thanksgiving wish.

After a busy day of dreaming, I find this pillow so soothing and all I want to do is sit a spell and cozy up at home on friday nite to a clean home and to my dear husband.
A dreamy pair of chairs to sit a spell and spend time enjoying one another’s company and the desire to lighten up after a long week.
Hope your friday is dreamy.
Do you allow yourself time to dream?
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