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an honest day

I love knowing that I come from good stock.  The top image is my Grandma T.  She worked up until she was 93.  She loved work.  She raised nine children.  One of her nine, my Dad, Paul is in the 2nd photo and he also loved work.  I know he misses work but he is 84 now and we all shake our head and wonder how Grandma worked every day, standing on her feet and smiling.  She took a small break to eat a half a sandwich and a small coffee.  She would always tell me that “An honest days work never hurt anybody”
She would be proud to know that “Paul’s Fruit Market” is going strong.  My Father started the business in 1945.

Today, honor this labor day and those around you who inspire you to work towards building your dream.  Sometimes the simplest message is to just be thankful for an honest day’s work.

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