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monday mojo series 5 – guest la la lovely

(Welcome guest motivator Trina, of la la lovely)

I often get asked how I stay inspired living where I live (small town in the middle of the country). I’m not sure I always know how to answer that. Sometimes I look for inspiration but mostly it just finds me.

I know, ideally, I shouldn’t be looking for inspiration on the screen of an electronic device but I do. And I have to say, that that is where I meet some form of inspiration every day. Reading blogs has opened a whole new world to me. It’s where I meet ideas, color, words, friends, design and magic almost daily. I always see something that makes my heart skip a beat and then another thing that I put in my pocket for a rainy day.

Words are another something that I can’t get enough of. Put this way they can mean one thing and put that way they can mean another thing. Sometimes it is a short story, a quote, or quirky comment that one of my children has made. If it something that hits me, I have to write it down. And when I do, I might find a word or two of my own.

Littles always add life, even when you think you already have more than enough of it. I have {almost} four little la la’s (as I call them) and they are always adding color to my world. Something they say, something they “don’t” mean to do and of course their giggles. It’s the sound of magic in the air.

And for me, when all else fails, one of my greatest forms of inspiration is just getting outside and talking a walk. Listening to music that makes me think, clearing my mind, saying a prayer and then just being quiet and listening.

And come to think of it . . . that is probably the greatest source of inspiration for me . . . just being quiet and listening. You’ll be amazed at what you can hear when you can’t hear anything at all.

Thank-you Trina and I wish you all the best with your new (almost) four little la la lovely family!