Artful Living

meaningful start

It is a New Year, a clean start to a brand new day.

Why not start it off with good intentions to stack things up just right.

As the New Year begins, I resolve to make it a meaningful year ahead.
I vow to look at things fully and realize that half of something can always add meaning.
Why is it that we are always looking for the whole picture or complete story?

True that two halves make a whole.

Two chairs, two friends. These chairs look as if they are ready to go for a swim or a spin.
Working and playing side by side.

It all started when I picked up a copies of these wonderful books, all about “Crafting a Meaningful Home” and making a “Clean Start.” I thought how it all starts at home and then one incident or thing can take us off course and add new meaning. Rather than feeling that you made a mistake or got off on the wrong start…make this year start full of meaning. It could be a simple meal, a healthy breakfast, a new craft created with good intentions.

This year, I plan to be gentle, to add new meaning by simplifying, by starting and finishing tasks on my list. I know that my so-called life as a Mom, an artist and a friend can be meaningful with passion and purpose. I vow to start anew, refreshed and invigorated! How about you, are you off to a meaningful start?