Artful Living

drawing board

image – Chardin
Back to the drawing board. Head down. Nose to the grindstone.

image -Hockney
There is nothing like the journey of creating and being inspired by other great artists.

Fresh water at my side for drinking and another container for cleaning my brush.
Fresh clean water is essential.

Everything is alright in the world when I am at my drawing board.
I close my eyes and I give thanks for this gift.
The light of the day warms my soul.
Do you draw? Why not take a little time each day to draw something when you find yourself bored? Care to share your work with me?
I never imagined that part of my mission would actually inspire anyone to create or design an artful life, but it is working.
I love knowing that I have helped to inspire….others to the drawing board.
Winners of Friday and Saturdays giveaway are
Kait “pretty things
Mary Jo Trust your style