Artful Living

what you are (notebook give-away)

Have you ever thought that “What you are comes to you.”
We spend so much of our life searching for what we are, what we are to become and what we will be that so often what we are just comes naturally.

I enjoy taking time out just to see what comes my way.
As a Mom of seniors, I find comfort in allowing nature to take it’s course. It is truly the best way for everyone.
Observing the two of them talking about what is to come, is a beautiful sight.

So very often, I am surprised by what comes to me.

The beauty of another man’s artistry inspires me to give gratitude for those that have come before me. Two columns, side-by-side providing support.

On a recent trip to the Cloisters, this “arched twin window” and stunning view came to me.
Literally, my jaw dropped wide open. Luckily, I had my camera.
Are you living a life to be “what you are” or are you living to let “what you are come to you.”
Like a child, open your eyes today, wander, step and allow things to come your way.
An imaginary hand shall naturally guide you along the way.
The little notebook and micron pen are my give-away today for one of you.
Perhaps you can record what comes to you and see how it shapes what you are.