Artful Living


Just the other morning on an early train to the city, I read an article about the benefits of having one’s very own personal trainer. I have contemplated a gym membership and this thing called “spinning” and another called “pilates” and have a card that my daughter gave to me with the name “At 1 Fitness.”

I was on my way to be a guest of this very fit as a fiddle gentleman, Nate Berkus. I sat up in my seat and my mind drifted while I admired several very “fit” members of the audience.
At a recent event, another lady told me that she was not going to just sit there and read another sad story of some demise of one of her friends who had just given up the fight to look fabulous at 40 or even at 50. She told me, “Letting it all go is not an option for me, therefore I choose to put up a fight and keep moving!”
What sort of train are you on, an express or the one that makes every stop?
Do you have a regimen of diet and exercise that you just abide by without question, never making any stops and starts? Love to know if any of you have ever had a personal trainer or fitness guide?