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summer time all year long

Meet “summer is a verb
Allow me to indulge my Winter time blues in a little interview with Allie of Summer is a verb. It has been my pleasure to create artwork for her summertime obsession.

Surely after reading this, we will all be ready for a trip to Summer time,somewhere warm and sunny!

When did your fascination with summer begin? The minute I was old enough to understand that summer meantno school, short distance swimming, long days and Lilly Pulitzer galore.

Do you design a life around summer all year? If by “design” you mean fantasizing that I’m running along Gin Lane in Southampton on the way back to my summer cottage when in fact I’m suffering through 8 milers in 20 degree weather, well then yes, I believe I do.

What inspires you most about summer? All the best clothes, natch! Plus, everyone knows you look thinner with a tan. And, when it comes to tanning, I reached pro level alooong time ago.

How do you create a Summer is a Verb attitude during the winter? By sneaking off to my parents home in Ixtapa, Mexico midwinter for a dose of sun and surf. It’s also an opportunity to test drive some of my newly acquired summery duds that I’m waiting to debut during the upcoming “season”.

Favorite bikini? My two all time favorite bikinis were a white 96° and a lil black Gucci number that my sister Mandy and I both had. Très Bain de Soleil. I also had a thing for Head racing suits. Are they still around? Someone should resurrect those!

Favorite sunscreen? Skinceuticals SPF 30 for my face, neck and back of hands, since that’s were a women first shows her age, and good ole Coppertone for the rest. Strictly for the scent mind you.

Favorite goggles and swim cap? I don’t do caps. I usually had so much chlorine in my hair it was like a virtual cap. If I had a nickel for every old lady that approached me and asked what I put in my hair to make it so shiny, I’d havethat cottage in the Hamptons! And, for goggles I’m loyal to Sweds, preferably in green or mirrored for summer.

Best beach towel? Oooo Hermes…Babe still swears he’d end up on American Greed one day as “the former CEO whose wife collected $500 beach towels”. But, a girl can dream…

How do you handle a burn? Advil and a good margarita. Patrón Silver and Cointreau por favor. The Advil’s for the burn and the margarita’s to drown my no sun for you tomorrow blues.

Allie posts dreamy things summertime candy all year long….
I just might pack myself in
your bag as I would love a little trip to a warm locale, can you blame me for dreaming! Thanks for the summer time inspiration all year long. Let’s hope the “cats play while the mouse is away.” Have a wonderful trip!