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happy labor day

My twin sons are quite accomplished at chopping and stacking wood.  They realize that very soon, the labor will be a crackling warm fire during the colder temps.  Various jobs are given to them, such as stacking wood, raking leaves or washing a car.  From time to time, they have helped me with computer assistance, and even an excel spreadsheet for their Aunt.  

One son landed a life-guarding job this summer which has taught him a tremendous amount. He has worked at a total of 4 different pools, all located throughout the county.  Since he only has his learners permit, I have been driving him to and from his work.  He was surprised to see his first check and the amount paid towards taxes.  Welcome to the labor force!

Yes, labor day is a time to rest, but also a time to remember those around us who may be searching for work.  I give thanks for work and for my laborers!    May each of you have a day of rest and some work to be thankful for.  To all the teachers and students preparing to go back to school, I wish each of you the pleasure or learning and the joy of gaining confidence in work and the joy in play.  
Happy Labor Day today to all!  
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