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sugar-baby – photography of meg duerksen
Will you look at this little sugar snap, the amazing photography of this gal Meg over here.

Whatever she snaps, or makes seems to make my life as well as countless others a bit more sugar-coated.
whatever…the shop, linked to whatever…the blog”
There are certain things in life that surely bring out the kid in me, as well as fond memories of making things and riding my bike to the store for licorice or a bar of chocolate (days before helmets and other unfathomable dangers!)  

the sweet stitched flower power shirt – worn by my daughter!
I learned to sew at a young age and loved it so much.  Meg makes thing too.  She made this fun flower shirt from (whatever “the shop”) which I ordered for my daughter and she is constantly asking, “Where is that shirt” as she loves it so much.  I know that once the kids are back to school, Meg will be filling up her shop again and I will be like a kid in a candy store, looking for more sugar babies and sweetness.  

 Have a sweet weekend.  We are off to the beach!
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