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hello little-byrd

Meet Rebekah, she has a delightful blog and shares what she wears and what she collects and creates. I enjoy reading her blog and the way she can breathe new life into found objects and give them an update. Enjoy this interview with little-byRD!

How did you come to blog?
I never thought I would have a blog! I had just started reading other people and remember thinking, “I could never do this”. But then I opened up my Etsy shop and read one way t0 gain exposure was to have a blog. So I originally did it for business. It quickly became a mix of both personal and business, which I really enjoy.

How did you decide on a name for your blog?
My business name is Little Byrd. The Byrd is for By RD ( RD are my initials). I wanted a little business, something small to call my own and one day after months of trying to think of a name it dawned on me that my initials could be a play on words. So from there I named the blog Little Byrd, and then Little Byrd Vintage once I started the vintage side of it.

When did your love for thrifting, scouting, antiquing begin?
You know, I don’t really remember. I would say shortly after high school. I had a close friend and she and her mom were always junking and decorating so marvellously with their friends and that really inspired me. Once I started going to the shops the thrill of the hunt hooked me. I’ve been treasure hunting for at least 15 years and it never gets old!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
What will you be doing? I don’t know. Thinking about this question has lead me to realize I never had a grand plan for life. I’ve worked in many different industries from travel to event planning to HR and most I’ve just fallen into by chance. Some days I think I will be doing exactly what I am right now, only perhaps bigger and better, maybe I will change my business name to Big Byrd – lol! Other days I think I might be doing something completely different. I love that it is a mystery!

What is your favorite thing to sew and what kind of methods do you have?
My favorite thing to sew right now is my woolen ear flap flapper inspired caps made from recycled woolen sweaters. I make handmade flowers to attach to each hat and choose an antique button to adorn it as well. Each one is one of it’s kind. One of my favorite materials is wool and then combine that with the hunt for the perfect woolen sweater…I love it!

Who taught you to sew?
About 12 years ago a very kind and patient friend agreed to show me how. I couldn’t even sew a button onto a shirt at this point. She was a fabulous teacher and taught me all the basics I needed to get started. The rest has been a self teaching experience. I still can’t read a pattern though! My machine is Pfaff Hobby. Nothing fancy, very easy to use and always reliable.

Does your little boy enjoying scouting too?
What is his favorite thing to do? I think he is learning to love it! He is very observant by nature so he enjoys looking around wherever we are finding something interesting to talk about. He has recently picked up the habit of collecting bits of nature on our walks which I love! Leaves and rocks and sticks. I would say his favorite thing to do right now is roll play…ranging anywhere from scooby doo to firemen. He has a great imagination.

From reading your blog, I know you allow yourself time to wander-tell us why wandering is good for our soul?
Yes! One of my favorite things in this world is a walk all alone with my thoughts. It really keeps me in touch with all the thoughts and ideas swirling around my head and keeps it all in perspective. Wandering renews ones soul…When I am feeling burned out or overwhelmed a good wander is the quickest way to getting back in the swing of things.

Please take a moment to fly over to meet little-byrd and leave a comment. While you are there take a look at her Etsy shop! She has lots of sweet items.