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The Matriarch  (Barbara seated at left middle row, Great-Great Grandma -from Germany)
(daughter Elizabeth -“Lizzie” – standing above, top left)
My daughter had one last project to do for homework and it required a bit of familial investigation.  My sister sent this photo of the family titled “Matriarchs.”  The woman seated to the far left in the middle row was “Barbara” and her only child and daughter stands above her, “Elizabeth”- called “Lizzie” who was the Mother to my Grandmother “Elsie.”  These ladies were on a picnic at Shawnee Park in Kentucky.  I wonder if it was a hot summer day and if they felt the heat under all those layers of fabric up to their necks.  The children seem less enthralled with the photo session but nonetheless ever so patient to sit for this photo op.  

Tell me – do you think your family is ruled by women or are the men in charge?  Well, we just did have Father’s day which was a day for all Fathers, but who brings about domestic tranquility in your family?  Is it the matriarchs or the patriarchs?  Now, don’t be afraid to divulge if it is all about anarchy.  My answer would have to be the Matriarchs!
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