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the art of mothering

last summer 2008 at Versailles in le Jardin!

leaving Alsace, a beautiful spot, so green, so well tended to.
Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle added me to the list asking me to list the top five things that I love about motherhood.  “Only five” – I think I could list a thousand things I love about mothering.

1.  Falling in love with them the day they were born is at the top of my list.
2.  Talking with them.  Having a conversation.  I remember the first words and the excitement of reading, learning and sharing life together.
3.  Listening to them, and the way they say things.  I remind myself to truly listen.
4.  Seeing them grow from babes, to tots, to teens.  It is all one incredible thing to love every moment and every “phase.”
5.  Giving them “Mom” love!  

In Paris, France last Summer!
If you are in the midst of motherhood, please share 5 things you love about mothering. 
(or Grand-mothering!)  Happy Mother’s Day Mom!
Happy Mother’s Day to each of you!
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