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fab friday – "at a clip"

my snazzy new MacBeth Collection clip board
Fab friday again!  Speaking of things going fast, this week sure went by “at a clip.”  
Lucky for me, I now am the proud owner of this snappy clip board. 

My collection of cool, stylish notes, clip board and mini journals!
Thanks to this fab friday gal who I refer to as “Snow White” gave this to me.  I had dropped a little hint of how I could truly benefit from that clip board.   Just look how fab my birthday “to do” paper fits this clip board as well as the collection of moleskin journals.  My kind of colors!
A fabulous week began with the pleasure of meeting “Seleta” at Eddie‘s home last Sunday for a 
beautiful brunch.  The first time that I met Eddie, he immediately said, you are friends with “Seleta” and she is coming to New York for a weekend and we must get together.  Well, alright, when Eddie talks – people listen.  The brunch was simply lovely, quiche, fresh fruit, greek yogurt, mimosa’s and a salad that was delightful!  Eddie does it all with ease and a flair for fun.
Seleta, my daughter Amelia and I “dishin” at Eddie’s home sweet home.
I hopped in my car and my little girl and I drove up to meet “Snow White” and her Prince Peter.  Seleta is truly “quite the dish” – just beautiful inside and out!  Seleta is holding a white dish that I just knew she would love.  I bought it in Paris at open air flea market.  One can always find loads of white dishes, and this dish had her name written all over it.  
A dish for a dish, and a clip for a clipper! 
Wishing each of you a fab friday!