Artful Living

Chairman of the room

Trust me, you cannot truly see the T.L.C. of this chair, the upholstery is ready for a lift, ready for a freshening up.  As my thoughts turn to spring cleaning and giving the house a good scrubbing, my “to do” list includes reupholstering this chair.  Any suggestions for fabric, something bold or beige?  I am thinking a fun stripe or a fab print and then I wimp out and say what about a chic neutral.  This chair is a “Baker” and sits in my living room.  My husband and I bought it when we lived in the city, b.c. – (before children.)  My sofa is a sage green velveteen. As much as I love white or light upholstery, my life with three children and one dog, (see his head peaking  from his bed, bottom left corner) requires something a bit sturdier and something perhaps to endure lots of wear and tear.  Just like a chairman needs to reside, govern and provide counsel, this chairman of the room does provide a spot for reading and solving world problems.  

I recently found this lamp at a local shop and knew it would add a fresh vibe to this spot. 
The fabric shade makes me smile.  I want my sad old chairman of the room to smile again.  
Even he looks like the economy of time has taken it’s toll, no matter how resilient a character.
Love to have your input.