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An Interior is the natural projection of the soul.”

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel – Paris, France.
Several bloggers have divulged the contents of their souls, from the inside of their bags.
Mind you, I am desiring a little “Chanel” (bag) in my life and found this image, via 
pure and simple – which says so much.  Can you feel the humor in this photo?  What is she holding and what must she have been saying?   I felt a little like Coco, not wanting to show the contents of my bag, but in the spirit of being a good sport, here we go.

pve design – bag from Twig, Orla Keily
 I would like to share with you my bag, which says Hurry up Spring and give me some fresh green!   

Pretty simple, I carry;
my wallet (cum clutch)
my Leica camera
my i-phone (which took the photos)
NARS lip gloss
NARS cover-up
my pve design business card
hand cream -this one happens to be from one of my fave hotels in Brussels.
keys ( small Coach key case)

I love this bag which I found on-line at twig – the inside reminds me of things like wall-paper, trim, and money that I had hid on myself – and later found. Do you hide money for the joy of finding it? The bag is an Orla Kiely. The print makes me happy and the fact that I can sponge off the plastic coating fills my o.c.d. side. 
I like contrast linings, button-hole twist stitching, piping, chains, monograms, and details in general which give things a “finished or polished” look. The interior pockets are also nice and there is a zippy little ribbon to attach keys. I think Chanel would approve, but I still covet a Chanel bag.

Oh and I carry my pens in this little roll up case which I think this crafty gal should make and sell.  The one I have was a gift made by “Crippenworks”and truly intended for knitting needles but I love it for my pens, that way they are not all swimming at the bottom of my bag.(Missing – were my journal and my latest book) which were on my desk. Care to let your cat out of your bag, and show us what is on the inside of your “bag lady?”
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