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Alsace in full bloom

Illustrations by “Hansi” – an artist of the Alsace Region of France.

Please excuse my lack of posting. Internet access was not available at my dismay. We just spent the last few days visiting “Alsace” and stayed in a quaint village in the L’Andlou region not far from Strasbourg. Flowers were in bloom and filled every window box and lined every bridge. We even saw one box with a note that was pardoning the lack of blossoms. These people take great pride in their flowers. It was my first time visiting this area of France and we left wanting more. The vineyards, the countryside were all breathtaking. I kept remembering my Grandmother and how she would have loved this area. Tidy villages and everyone toiling at there calling. Statues along with crosses were at the entrance of each village. Faith and a grateful quality is necessary when you live in the place so lovely. One artist that I was not familiar with is “Hansi.” I will post more about this artist who illustrated life in Alsace.
If you have not visited this region, I highly suggest that you take a trip. The people, the food and the wines were so pleasant.