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And the Oscar goes to me!  ( that is  pure statue envy here.)

Statuesqueness inspires me.  From the time I was a little girl, my mother loved to bring me (and a loaf of stale bread) to the Cave Hill cemetery to feed the ducks, admire the swans and the statues erected in loving memory.   We also visited the Speed Art Museum and I admired the Thinker, by Rodin.  I often dreamed of what my very own statue would look like and thought about my very own statue.  I also love the Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen and how she would love to just be free to swim.
Give me a really splendid statue to marvel at anytime.  This illustration was made to honor a women living with time for a really great rhyme.  I also love the way a statue takes on a certain patina over time. Ponder the statue of Liberty with her torch and glorious crown in honor of liberty, a gift from France to the U.S. We all need to take a stand for something. What would your statue look like?  Do you have someone in mind that needs a gift, perhaps a statue will do.  What a nice way to pay a statuesque homage.
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