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When my sweet friend Annie from Most Lovely Things asked me to contribute to a collective SELF CARE group of the esteemed bloggers linked below, how could I possibly say no.

Cottage and Vine

Sheri Silver

Classic Casual Home

Cindy Hattersley

Self Care seems to be such a hot topic of interest for many of us. I created this little check list for myself and as an inspiration for each of you to think about daily checks for your own self care.

  1. Exercise
  2. Walk every day
  3. Drink Water
  4. Love more
  5. Green Juice
  6. Smile more
  7. Meditate
  8. Laugh
  9. Read
  10. Silent time
  11. Create
  12. New Hobby
  13. Thank someone
  14. Calm down
  15. Rest
  16. Sleep
  17. New Lipstick
  18. Donate
  19. Hike
  20. Dance
  21. Listen to Music
  22. Do Pilates
  23. Do Yoga
  24. Paint
  25. Ride a Bike
  26. Go to a Museum
  27. Turn off your phone
  28. Unplug each day
  29. Make reservations
  30. Get a facial
  31. Get a Massage
  32. Travel
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