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Finding my strength

In 2017, I took my very first Pilates Class and was hooked.  Shortly after I began practicing Pilates, I enrolled in the Club Pilates Teacher Training and committed myself to completing and 500 hours to earn my certification.   March of 2018, I began teaching Pilates.

People refer to me as a “Recently” certified teacher as in the fitness industry, I have met many Instructors who have decades of experience.  My motto has always been to live artfully, live well and adding the living fit to my life has been eye opening.  Many people live with little body awareness and self loathing.  Staying well is not about going back to our former selves.  We have already been there and done that.  Think of the evolution of life and technology.  Would you ever imagine the big behemoth computers of years gone by to now hold everything right in the palm of your hand.

I continue to create art, teach art and pilates and know that there is always tomorrow to keep evolving and then there is today that deserves our full attention.  I am thankful for each of you for always popping in to read my posts, view my art or to reach out to me for commissions, classes or private training.  How do you find your daily strength to keep moving forward?

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