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Glitter,  twinkly lights and anything with shine and sparkle seem to lure me during the month of December.   This morning, I thought back to the memories of the days when I avidly kept up with my blog posts and reading many other bloggers posts made my day that much brighter.  So, I have decided that I will be back to blogging to share bits of confetti and random bits of my day and life as an Artist and Pilates Teacher.  My children have grown and I am an empty nester.  My husband is now working in Paris on a three year contract and we juggle our time shuttling to and fro.

I want to share some tips of what has kept me going as an artist and some of my own struggles that have also challenged me.  If you are reading, tell me what you would like to hear from me.  It gives me great pleasure to connect with readers on what keeps you shining!


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