Artful Living

full to the brim

My basket and morning mug are full to the brim.  I have been thinking so much about how some of this past weeks sad news about Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, losses that have shocked our world.  Both incredible talents and gone just like that.   It proves that even the people we think have access to the best health care, may have chosen not to or perhaps mental illness is indeed so personal from case to case.  It has rocked me this week but I just keep trying to focus on the abundance of help in our country.  I do not want to judge another’s actions because we can never know the extent of what that person suffered.  How are you feeling after this news?  I do have mental illness in our family and as much as we can think that it does not affect us, it does.  I am thinking of ways that I can spread kindness and be the change in another’s life.