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Journal your way

Last March, I gave myself a gift which was to really look carefully at my own self care.  I cannot remember how Daphne came to me but let’s just blame it on the proverbial rabbit hole of which I fell into.  Daphne of Doing Well provided me with accountability and a daily plan to achieve noticeable changes in my mind and body.  It was like walking into a really incredible essence of wellness and apply new things that have given me more vitality and abundance in my daily life.  I wanted to share this page of my journal which worked for me since I am a visual learner.

This is just inspiration for you to take a closer look at your day.  Journal about it.  Notice what you are doing to aid or to sabotage your own self.  Are you truly getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating greens and so on.  Are you moving, walking or are you sitting for hours on end?  We can say that we all know the path to wellness comes with life’s challenges such as stress, trauma, unemployment, sickness and more but if we chart our life with healthy intentions and plans it becomes a habit and something that agrees with us and our bodies.

Yesterday, I walked home for our village and heard last night that a pedestrian was hit.  I watched the cars and people speeding to and fro and wondered what we all are such a big hurry for?  Try to live your life in the present moment and stop doing what you know is showing up in your own body that may produce signs of illness.  Journal your way and your day and you will see what changes become good healthy habits.

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