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Sunday rest

Wishing everyone a Happy Sunday.  Take time to rest a little longer today.  Rest is restorative and great for one’s health.  Think about your bedroom and what would create a more restful space.  You might even want to record the number of hours you are sleeping.  Jot down on a sticky or little note by your bedside table and try to log in a few more hours today.  Take a nap, even fifteen minutes can be a game changer.  I created this illustrations for Spaces KS Magazine, “The Happy Houseguest.”  Be my guest and treat your own “chambre” to some new pretties to make you feel special.  What do you love the most about rest and is there one thing you can share that you cannot live without?  A pillow?  A special teddy, an eye mask or a favorite bedtime story?  I would love to know.

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