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Cozy Fogo Island


We were so delighted to be whisked away for a weekend at the amazing Fogo Island Inn.  You are probably wondering, where is Fogo Island?  Well it is one of the four corners of the Earth and quite the trek to get there but the cozy touches and the incredible people of the Island make you feel right at home and apart of something whole.  The morning trug of coffee or tea, a hand made treat and partridgeberry jam is delivered to your door.  Hand made quilts adorn each and every room.  Wood burning fireplaces are ready to be lit upon request by hand and hand made furniture painted in a rainbow of colors certainly gives one the feeling of a simpler time.   A time where one honors one’s neighbors and celebrates the little things and all things made by hand.


Returning home to America, I suddenly crave a simpler life filled with arts and crafts and vistas that are not only breathtaking but good for the soul.  Where have you traveled that felt far away but close to your heart?

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