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A blog moment

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Pardon me while I have a “blog moment” and grapple with the keeping of this blog.  As many of you know who keep a blog, it does take a huge amount of time and effort and with other things that seem to be drawing our attentions such as instagram – it seems there are less comments than back in the hey day of blogging.   When my blog began, it was a way to connect and to share and that is still number one.   I will continue to blog and on a weekly basis with more reflective posts and as a way for me to have a record or a journal if you will.  Sharing moments, art and things that keep me going.

The other day, my daughter, now a Senior in high school rattled off a few of the fad things that she had to have and now looks back as crazy, like the doodle bands, the kooky pens, the blue streak in her hair and we did have a good laugh.  But you see to me, all the phases and desires we have in this life shape us into who we are and I would not change any of the crazy wants or rants.  We can all relate to some of the things that might not have been good choices but when we get caught up and everyone else has that thing, it seems the frenzy of want is collective.  Maybe a blog was like this too.  But I love to think of my blog as a lit candle and the more blog friends I have made over the years have added to the light and the warmth which has given me momentum and more.  Much more than I ever imagined is because of the many blog moments share with each of you.

So, for those of you who are popping in for the first time – Welcome.  To those of you who know me and I hope love me, Thank-you.  Thank-you for allowing me to share my life, my art, my many varied interests.  I appreciate each of you and can not even begin to list the myriad of ways your comments have spurred me on and been like a gentle hug of encouragement.

Only two days ago, I was standing in my kitchen and I burst into tears.  My daughter screamed to my husband, “Daddy, Mommy is crying- again!”  Then I started laughing as we hugged one another and said – “I am having a moment” – A moment of lasts with her and a moment of flash backs of memories of being a Mom, an artist, balancing life, work, volunteering, friends and all the ups and downs of daily living.  At times, this blog may have been “annoying” to my family just as the crazy desires that they have had and will continue to have.  We all are allowed to have moments and memories.

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