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Project Slim


I am so excited to share with you my dear friend Anne Marie and her brand new Project which is called “Project Slim Waistline.” Fortunately, I have known Anne Marie for many years now, when I first began taking her amazing class at a local fitness studio where she taught several times.  The class was called “Little Black Dress.”


Project Slim Waistline is an online site which you can sign up for to get a wonderful program full of great moves to follow and recipes to create healthy clean eating.  It is a wonderful support system and motivator to get one moving towards slimming the waistline and getting healthy.



Anne Marie is launching a Ten Day Ab challenge after Memorial Day which I signed up for.  Let me tell you that her moves work!


They are easy to follow along and you can do them anywhere.  You don’t need to belong to a fancy pants gym.  You can hop outside, go to a park or workout in your own home.


It is true, that when your waistline is slim, you clothes fit better, you feel better too.  Why not sign up for Project Slim Waistline today or after Memorial Day.  I know that this weekend will be all about the Parades and BBQ’s.

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