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Good Morning Monday.
Time to blog.
Some of you may wonder why one blogs and what are the reasons or benefits of keeping a blog?
I have been blogging for many years and here are the reasons why I put in the time to blog.

– Reflection, introspection and a place to gather my work, my art and to have a place of my own
– Sharing ideas and knowledge with people all over the world
– A Creative outlet which engages with others which is inspiring and challenging
– Building a community of colleagues, peers and like minded individuals
– Collecting and connecting

Are you interested in something that you would love to share with others beyond your family and friends? Did you know that starting is the hardest part and then maintaining a blog is the key to connecting to others and to bring visitors to your blog. Over the years, the best benefit of blogging for me has been to make connections to others who come from a place of desire to produce authentic content and community. Some may say that there are other social media ways to connect such as instagram, facebook, snap chat and while those are very valuable, a blog is where one shares one’s true voice.

If you keep a blog, please share your reasons for blogging and what is one benefit. This week, I will be sharing some blog buddies that have inspired me, motivated and kept me going and showing up to share my blog, my artwork and my voice.

The Winner of the India Hicks box is Margo Quiriconi. Please contact me on my site to send you your Treasure Box.

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