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I posed a question to many friends and family;  “How do you find clarity and focus to live passionately?”  I thought I would share some of the answers with you in an effort to inspire a bit of clarity and serenity in your day.  Print this list and keep it with you.

  1.  Spend time in nature.  Take a walk.  Work in the garden.  Go to the Ocean.
  2.  Create a Vision or Dream Board with your favorite photos and snippets that speak to you.
  3.  Keep a journal.
  4.  Gather inspirational quotes.
  5.  Meditate.
  6.  Travel.
  7.  Therapy
  8.  Spa time or self care, Book a massage, a facial!
  9.  Move, do Yoga, exercise or something to get you moving!
  10.  Reading.  A good book can bring clarity and instant escape.
  11. Music.  Listen to your favorite music or attend a concert.
  12. Do something for OTHERS!  Get behind a cause and make a difference.  Get involved.  There is nothing like working with someone who is living with a terminal illness or an incurable disease to bring clarity.
  13. Naps or Extra rest are always a good idea.
  14. Eat whole foods.  A diet created with whole foods can bring clarity.

I wish each of you a happy friday, full of clarity and serenity.  Take time to rest and to live a more passionate life.  I would love to know if I missed anything on this list and if you follow any of the inspired list above, do let me know how it might help you.

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