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order in the house

As we turn our pages forward and ready ourselves for Spring, I keep hearing everyone use the term, “organize” – “spring clean” and “re-arrange” which in simple terms means to find their inner order expert. I joined India Hicks last Spring and the one area that I never imagined from India to inspire in me, is to embrace my inner order genius. Having the connections to such an amazing support team and then having beautiful products always at the ready has streamlined my life. Perhaps it’s the sequence of items, the method to the madness or the incredible order of being related to a company that prides itself on creating your own business, on your own terms. I can say that it has been incredibly fun and would love to have you join me or just for goodness sakes, shop with me here.

Are you in need of this in your life, a bit of order and connecting to others who inspire you to be an expert. Maybe you are in the depths of raising your family or building a new business and need more semblance of order. I would be happy to share any details with you in hopes to bring a little order to your day.

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